Conical Burr Manual Coffee Grinder

If you’re looking for a quality coffee grinder that doesn’t run on electricity, but is still versatile enough to handle a range of grinds (French Press coarse to espresso fine), then Clara’s Coffee has come up with a great option here with this hand crank coffee mill.  It’s even small enough to take on travel trips.

If you’re unfamiliar with this grinder, ets talk about some of the finer points of the Clara’s Coffee grinder.

Coffee Grinder Produces Literally No Noise

conical-burr-coffee-grinder-reviewIf you’ve used electric coffee grinders, you will know that many of them can be quite noisy.  Such is not the case with this Brillante coffee mill.  In fact, this is a lot closer to grinding pepper than it is to the regular screech of some grinders.  Its not as if this machine is silent, but you might say that it has a more pleasant sound to go along with the manual grinding of the beans, and, as such, the grinding is quite a bit slower paced than your average electric burr grinder.  In this case, you sacrifice some speed but you gain some old-fashioned hands on appeal while preparing coffee in your kitchen.

Manual Coffee Grinder Is Super Easy To Use

In just over a minute, you can grind approximately 38 grams of coffee using this grinder, which equals about six tablespoons of whole beans which can serve two people.

This grinder isn’t all about volume and speed, its more about taking your time.  That said, the convenient design of this unit makes it easy to add more coffee beans into the hopper, so you can quickly add and grind more beans until you have enough grinds for the amount of coffee or espresso you need.

With each refill, it isn’t necessary to unscrew the crank handle like some other coffee mills, which is quite convenient.  At the same time, you need to be a little more careful with the handle as its not screwed on, meaning that if you jerk it around a lot it could potentially slip off.  We’re not saying the handle comes off easily, because the handle does fit securely on the hexagonal nut.  Still, its not exactly screwed on so…you know…

The Conical Ceramic burr gives it a Consistent Grind

ceramic-burr-coffee-grinder-claras-coffeeLack of consistency is not an issue with this Brillante grinder.  No matter if its french press, drip coffee, or espresso, the grind quality is spot on every time.  That is one of the main advantages of this particular model.

To change the grind settings, just adjust the nut – tighter gives you a finer grind such as for espresso, while looser gives you – you guessed it! – a coarser grind for your drip coffee / french press setting.

It gives you amazing flavor

If you’re not a coffee aficionado, you may not be aware that grinding manually with a burr grinder is one of the best ways to maximize the flavor of your beans.  Why?  First off, here on this site we always recommend burr grinders like this Brillante because they are simply better than blade grinders.  They actually crush the beans up rather than slice them, which, for reasons that would require us to totally geek out in order to explain, allows the flavor to be more fully extracted when you go on to brew your coffee.

claras-coffee-travel-camping-coffee-grinder-manualOn top of that, burr grinders generally don’t get as hot as blade grinders – especially not hand crank coffee mills, because your burrs are grinding your beans at a much slower pace.  Too much heat with those crazy blade grinders can burn the beans and alter the flavor once the coffee gets to your cup.  So really, having a burr grinder which is also manual is, in a sense, perhaps the most accurate way to grind for coffee flavor.  Fancy that!

So do yourself a favor and get one of the manual coffee grinders by Clara’s Coffee. You won’t be disappointed!

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