Dr. Al Rantel’s Product Tips Recommendations

infused-water-bottle-sharp-infuserHi – I am Dr. Al Rantel, and this I’m a passionate blogger, travel writer, avid product reviewer, social media influencer, and food aficionado.

Al is such a simple name for such a complex man. I love reviewing sharing my opinion and reviewing products. I reside in sunny San Diego, California, the best place on earth. I consider myself a true a modern day renaissance man whose multi-talents and passions run deep and beyond belief.

This journey started in the early 2000s and I have been moving in silence offline yet making much noise online. Online I have built a faithful audience through this website.

What This Review Blog Is All About

clarita-home-lego-moulds-chocolate-ice-moldsReviewing products is my love. As the father of three young boys who love everything new, I make it my business and passion to stay on top of the latest and greatest for them whether it is a product, an event, entertainment or trips. I cover it all. Through this journey I have quickly become the go to man for my honest reviews.

My content rarely has a shelf life because of how I present it. I am definitely a ROI because I constantly stay abreast of the latest and greatest SEO as well as strictly following Google’s guidelines. My hobby has become the foundation to a POWERHOUSE which is constantly growing.

What Kind Of Products Do I Review

I love reviewing all kinds of products. But my main specialties are in the kitchen space, and general home products. Things such as infuser water bottles, coffee grinder, shower mirrors, spatulas, silicone candy molds, and much more.

I love working with brands that fit in naturally with my lifestyle. If you feel your brand would be a good fit for me and what to be featured in this blog, please reach out to me!


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